Cesspool Service Video Inspections on Long Island

Using a Long Island Cesspool Service for a Video Inspection of a Septic System. Inspecting a cesspool or septic tank is needed from time to time to ensure there are no leaks or blockages. An inspection is one of the more trying experiences for a person not used to working around strong smells. It is also outright dangerous for anyone not equipped to handling such an inspection.  Long Island Cesspool service recommends contacting a professional when you need to do a cesspool or septic tank inspection. Cesspool video Inspections (more…)

Oil Furnace Repair by Long Island HVAC Company using Vivitek

Imagine if hvac repair company in Suffolk County NY like http://www.longislandhvacrepair.com Long Island HVAC Repair. did not exist It is unimaginable how life would be at home and office if there were no HVAC systems. The extreme temperature changes in Long Island and New York makes it necessary to have a well-functioning HVAC system at all time. However, the HVAC system should be inspected and regularly maintained to ensure optimal performance. hvac repair longisland (more…)

Guitar Amp Repair Training Courses using a Vivetek Projector

You love all your jammin equipment. You use it to the fullest in all of your session. The only issue is, how you train employees in Long Island to properly do guitar amp repair. vivitek-guitaramprepairlongisland Since there so many types type of audio amplifier manufacturers, such as Fender, Marshall, Ibanez, Orange Micro, etc. there is a lot for a guitar amp repair tech to learn. How do you teach them all of the facets of the different types of guitar amp repair? (more…)

Using Vivitek 3D DLP Projector for a Tree Service Presentation is Awesome

You want pure colors, something that will really show a presentation whether in dark or light situations. The you want the Vivitek 3554 You have over 3000 lumens of bright whiteness!! .Do you remember those old Pepsodent commercials? That is pepsodent white!! Or maybe we can use the detergent commercials.
Tree Removal Service form Tree Care Experts in Long Island
Tree Removal Service form Tree Care Experts in Long Island
However you want to picture it, this is pretty friggin white. Now it has up to 36 ft range and a 2.14 throw range. What can this do? Well this will produce some amazing presentations such as a creating a presentation for a tree service company.   Why would we do something like this. Tree, landscape, shrubs, whatever you have are beautiful in their own right. Imagine you catch it during the fall colors. Since they come only once a year, you need to make everything is perfect. Maybe you travel to eastern Long Island to catch the beauty of the autumn colors. So here you are with your expensive photo equipment taking some of the best shots. These shots are so good they can appear on any hallmark card. You see the most orange, oranges and the deepest yellows on the majestic trees. This is natures own kaleidoscope in all of its true majesty. Moving shots of of leaves falling as the wind gently cuts through all of natures changes. Now you put expertly put all of the footage to together for your presentation for the tree company. To your horror the colors come out flatter than a coke that has been sitting outside for a week. Do you really want to go out through all that work without a good projector to show off your presentation? Obviously you are not going to put yourself through this much pain to have a tree spraying presentation go poorly. Taking pictures of the tree removal process can give you a different experience. Removal can be pretty dangerous. We have all seen the true tv shows of tree cutting be performed by some lackey and it just falls the wrong way and smashes into house. Why would a person risk trimming a tree or cutting one to save a few bucks I will never know. When you take the photos of the removal process, you really want to  have something can really project it well. Obviously, vivitek projectors will fill this need Also you or a tree service is the process of spraying a tree, maybe you want to do a  before an after of the spraying process. Maybe the photos may watching the service do stump grinding, or ornamental pruning. That last statement if basically the equivalent of giving trees a fancy haircut. No one likes poor pruning. Remember the horror stories of LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) So you go to fruit tree and start cutting on an angle or maybe your trimming will be of an oblong shape. It really depends on the type of tree you are pruning for the type of look you want. But if you are adventurous, you can just proceed with trimming any ridiculous shape you want. That is not to different what people do in the barber shops to their nuggets. So you go through thru this very exhausting tree trimming exercise, branches everywhere so you there someone has to eventually process with the removal of the tree parts. Forget is there is spaying still to be done. The cleanup and removal process will take a while Which vivitek projector would you use to show all the work that was done? There are many to choose from and the all will do a good job, but obviously you will pick the one that works best. Which one would you use for a tree service company. Would these tree care experts actually give a crap which vivitek model you used or do they just want the presentation to look good. What does an arborist know anyway? So what Long Island seems to have 10 trees per square inch, that does not mean they are projector experts. Now you want to take some action shots for your vivitek project then wait till after storm happens. Both Nassau and Suffolk county got battered by a couple of huge storms within the past few years. This is where storm tree removal service jump into action. What do do when a severe thunderstorm or a hurricane knocks down all of the trees around you? What kind of land clearing do you think this would take? Think about how long the tree removal process will be. You will need a kickass service to get the job done. One huge question will be the tree service cost. On something that is a huge cutting, trimming and removal job, the tree surgeon can create a presentation using a vivitek project. The colors of the storm damaged trees will come to life. The aborist can show the effect of removal and the process of stump grinding on a vivitek. You can close serious tree removal service and industrial tree trimming deals with the presentation from one of these babies.. From using a cherry picker to do tree topping or trimming branches from the roof. If you are a tree service company or you are doing a presentation to a tree company on Long Island, Vivitek projectors are part of your solution to get new clients either way. It is a good way to validate the cost of tree removal. When you need to tell someone why something costs 2,000 dollars you can give a presentation in order to justify the cost of tree cutting and removal There are so many ways you can use these projectors and it is to much to mention. You can show how y.  about tree spraying effectively. So when travel through the woods in L.I.  to get your stunning tree removal service presentation, make sure that you use a Vivitek 3554 3D DLP, for the best images ever.